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If the question you ask yourself is not on this page, you can contact Chef Patrick using this Form.


F.A.Q. :


How does the service take place at home ?


From taking the reservation, you will be in contact with the Chef to review and validate the details of the event.
The very day, according to the chosen service(s), the Chef will appear between 1 and 3 hours before the beginning of the meal to settle in your kitchen and start the various preparations.
He will present himself to the guests upon their arrival and will even invite them to attend to the preparations in the kitchen where he will answer all of their inquieries.
He will then insure the service of the meal by presenting everyone of the dishes.
Once the service has ended and your kitchen has been put in order, the Chef will take leave.



At what time does the Chef arrive ?


On average, the Chef arrives about 2 hours before the service of the meal.
Nevertheless, some technical requirements such as the size and the equipment of your kitchen or some specific preparations may require the Chef to make more or less preparations in his own workshop, in which case he will need to adapt his arrival time.
Anyway, you are in contact with the Chef from the beginning of the reservation process and he will be delighted to find the solution that will suit you best!




Which is the necessary equipment in my kitchen ?


Generally speaking, the more your kitchen is equipped, the more the Chef will be at ease to prepare dishes.
However, if you have only bit of equipment or if it is inadequate, the Chef will have to adapt his menus.
That is where all the challenge is for the service !
Anyway, think of communicating well with the Chef among your reservation process.
Do not hesitate to describe him the environement of your kitchen, its equipments (gas, electric, plates, oven, stoves, pans, utensils) so that he can find a solution and, if necessary, complete with his own equipment.



My kitchen is small, may I call upon Chef Patrick all the same ?


Just like for the equipment, the Chef will adapt himself to the size of your kitchen or will plan more preparations in his workshop.
If needed, he will bring an additional table or will adapt the menu.
Do not hesitate to express your doubts during your contact with the Chef, even to organize a visit.




Who does the service ?


Chef Patrick takes care of everything!
During the event, you enjoy the moment and being with your guests.
For services up to 8 guests, Chef Patrick will be able of taking care of you. Beyond he will assist you at best according to the menu or, if you wish, will plan service staff  adapted to the event with an additional fee of 25€/hour by Maître D' over 9 guests (or 15 guests for a cocktail).
The additional assistance which the Chef could need for the kitchen preparations is included in the price.




Who sets the table ?


To let you create an atmosphere and a decoration which are appropriate for you, and except specific arrangements planned upon the reservation, the Chef will only take care of the culinary part, so you can set your table to your own taste and wishes.




Which chinaware is used ?


As much as possible, the chinaware used is yours.
If you have doubts or do not have enough chinaware and serving dishes, do not hesitate to talk about it to the Chef.
He will certainly know what solutions to propose.



What does the Chef during the meal ?


The Chef will fuss to prepare the main course while you savour the starter, then the dessert while you enjoy the main course and will organize the tidiness of your kitchen during your dessert.
If he has some free time during the event, he will know how to adapt himself to the context and will know as well how to remain discreet or come to discuss with you and your guests.
Do not hesitate to invite him to have a drink with you to get to know him and to discover his passion !




May I offer a service as a gift ?


Of course!

Do not hesitate to contact the Chef and explain him your project.



Are beverages included ?


Beverages are not, by default, part of the proposal of menus.
You can use your own cellar or bar for the event.
However if you wish that the Chef brought beverages, you can get in touch with him and discuss your desires and your budget.




What to do in case of an allergy to some products ?


Have no concern !
When in contact with the Chef, you can mention it and he will find an adequate solution.
Be precise on your allergies and intolerances to allow the necessary organization to take good care of you..




Is the Chef's trip included ?


The Chef moves free of charge on a zone covering from Marseille to Toulon.

Beyond 40 km of his workshop in Le Beausset, a 0.50€ / km fare is charged.




How does billing work ?


Once the reservation made, 50 % of the total amount will have to be payed at the latest 8 days before the date of the event.

The remaining due amount will be settled at the end of the event.




What happens in case of modification or of cancellation ?


Beyond 7 days prior to the event, you can modify the number of guests or cancel your event without any fee.
Any amount beforehand paid will be entirely refunded.
Between 7 days to 48 hours, you will have a refund of 50 % of the paid amount in case of cancellation, and in the pro-rata for a reduction of the number of guests.
No refund will be possible if you cancel or reduce your reservation less than 48 hours before the date of the event.



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